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KS5000 Kitchen Scales

Our range of kitchen scales features uncompromising quality, high precision sensors to provide ultimate accuracy, a Tare Function and, most importantly, they perform reliably every time.

The KS5000 scales come with a large stainless-steel bowl which, when used with the tare function, enables you to add all ingredients together into the same bowl, saving time on measuring and also in cleaning up afterwards. They can also be used without the accompanying bowl and are perfect for weighing many other things such as letters and parcels to help calculate postage costs.

KS5000 features: 

 • Blue back-lit digital display with large digital numbers for easy use
 • 4 precision sensors to ensure outstanding accuracy
 • Tare Function: allows you to add and measure more than one ingredient into the same bowl. Simply add your first ingredient, press "zero" to return the scale to zero,
    and then add your next ingredient. It will weigh every ingredient accurately every time.
 • Weighs up to 5kg
 • Measures in: millilitres (ml) / pounds (lb) / grams (g) / fluid ounces (fl.oz)
 • Has an overload indicator to let you know if you have passed the maximum 5kg weight.
 • Has rubber feet for ultimate stability
 • Low battery indicator
 • Comes with 3x AAA batteries included

KS5000 Features:

Large Stainless-Steel Bowl

A great feature of these kitchen scales is that they come with a large stainless-steel bowl. If you are a keen baker you will know this is a useful feature, as you can fit all of your recipe into the same bowl rather than use lots of smaller ones. Saves time and saves on the washing up too!

Measures Wet and Dry

These scales have a handy tare function which allows you to return the measurement back to 0 when you already have something on them.

Unlike some scales, this scale measures both dry (lb / g) and wet ingredients (ml / fl.oz).

Many Uses

Kitchen scales can be used outside of the kitchen too. They are handy for weighing letters and small parcels so that you can work out postage costs before taking them to the post office.

You may have other uses for them too: for instance, you can weigh gold or silver.

Duronic’s Full Range of Kitchen Scales: 

KS350 – black glass, rectangular, flat

KS758 – stainless-steel / black, round

KS760 – stainless-steel, rectangular, flat

KS865 – tempered glass / black / silver, square

KS1007 – stainless-steel, reversed digital display (white on black)

KS1009 – stainless-steel, square, extra slim, large buttons and digits

KS1055 – glass platform / silver coloured, circular, integrated buttons

KS1080 - glass platform / silver coloured, square, integrated buttons

KS3000 – stainless-steel, circular, comes with a clear bowl

KS5000 – black round scale, digital display, large stainless-steel bowl