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The Duronic KS1007 kitchen scales have a compact, slim and stainless steel platform design. These are perfect for kitchen scales and also double as great postal scales.

Duronic has been supplying scales all over the world for years to consumers who measure in different units and require our scales for a number of uses. Our scales are built to last and are extremely easy to use making them very popular amongst our customers.

Kitchen use: Whether you're trying out that delicious cake recipe you've seen on The Great British Bake Off or making grandmas famous cookie recipe, it will be quicker and easier experience when using Duronic kitchen scales. Our scales give the most accurate measurements due to their built in high precision sensors. They have a simple two button operation system making them very easy to use.

Postal scales: With a 5kg capacity, this kitchen scale easily doubles as a postal scale. If you need something in the home or office to help weigh your mail, then our scales will are perfect for giving an accurate reading so you can easily work out the postage costs.

Tare function: All Duronic Kitchen and Postal scales come with a tare function. Simply place the bowl onto the scale, press the tare function to zero out the reading, measure your first ingredient, then zero out again and then measure another ingredient, zero out again and carry on. This will save you time by allowing you to measure everything in a bowl.

Capacity: 5kg/11lb. Weight units: g / fl.oz / lb:oz / ml. Graduation: 1g / 0.1fl.oz / 0.1oz / 1ml. Power supply: 1 X CR2032 battery (included). Size: 18CM DEPTH x 14CM WIDTH X 1.7CM HEIGHT